Thanks for stopping by! I’m Barrington. I write speculative fiction that explores how people respond when their world — or their place in it — changes.

My work has been optioned and won prizes like Amazon Studios’ Best Screenplay Award, Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Competition Grand Prize, and DreamAgo’s Pen & Pellicule Writing Fellowship. I’ve published fiction in literary journals like Sycamore Review, Colorado Review, The Drum and Women of Horror, Volume 3 and I co-wrote for an upcoming episode of Creepshow on AMC’s Shudder Network.

Before I was a writer,  I worked in production for theatre, large-scale events, and film — spending many hours on sound stages and sets. I’ve also worked as a gift-wrapper, piano accompanist, stage manager and teacher, studied massage at a temple in Thailand, worked with a dancing cow mascot in Costa Rica, written a food guide for Western Australia and survived cancer…twice. It’s a life that informs my writing.

You can reach me through Corey Trent Ackerman at The Cartel, through Greg Pedicin at The Gersh Agency or directly at barrington99 at gmail dot com.