Hi. My Name is Barrington and this is my blog…

er.. website…


If you were hoping for a professional website, this isn’t really that, though I invite you to check out my only-slightly-outdated bio and resume before you go.

But if you’re here because you’re a fan of navel-gazing, over-sharing LiveJournals from the early aughts — check out the blog!  I talk about cancer, brushes with The Woo, the craft and business of writing and other stuff.  If you’d like to hear me reading to you some short-stories that I wrote, click the podcast tab.

And if you think blogs are relics of the before-times, but dig those new-fangled Substack newsletters, you can subscribe and get posts delivered to your inbox.

In any case, I appreciate you stopping by. Your presence increases the number of visitors that show up on the stats bar for this site and makes me feel warm and fuzzy even though such things shouldn’t matter at all.