Is 3AM a good time to start a blog?

I fear acquiring a blog in the wee hours like this might be akin to early morning impulse buys at the 7-11…when I end up with a handful of different flavored beef jerky even though I don’t eat meat (much, and certainly not dried). Or coming home and deciding that finishing off that container of freezer-burned Ben and Jerry’s seems like a good idea. I don’t see a spell check, it might be a little dangerous. Oh well.

Tonight I went to Baja’s, one of the two places in Tallahassee that I know of with a Latin night. It’s hard work fishing a dance in this town. After an hour, a guy named Victor finally asked me to dance, followed by his friend Alberto, and then his other friend Alberto. Muy simpaticos, eses hombres. I wonder if the short list on my dance card is because I’m starting to look old! That’s depressing. But still, in L.A. it seemed like if you were a dancer, even if you were older, or heavier, or less pretty, you still got asked to dance…guess I just need to perservere until I get to know more people. Or until they get to know me.

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