Memories, Don’t Light the Corners of My Mind

I’ve never had a great memory for names or dates. Interestingly, I do often remember conversations pretty closely (even if I can’t recall when they occurred or who with).

For instance, I remember emerging from the movie, Memento, with a friend (who knows me well). He asked me, “What was that like to see your life on screen?”

I responded, “What are we doing here? Are we going to a movie?”

Today I am working on application material for a scholarship at school. Somehow, I had overlooked until this point that a CV is a required component. It has been too long since I updated my resume. Plus, as someone who has meandered through much of my life, not really knowing what I’ll do next, I have no sense of what will be important to remember. Now that I’m a wanna-be writer, I look back and say…”oh, hey, I read this poem on a radio show once, I should put that on there!” Of course I don’t remember the year or month, the name of the show, my interviewer, or even the call sign of the station. Who knew it would matter? (And probably it doesn’t…)

If only I had kept a blog, I could spend hours scrolling back and looking for this experience.

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