Easter Sunday…He rises!

Although periodically disoriented, and consistently in some pain, Dad made good progress today. Right at the beginning of the day they put him in a chair. He dozed for most of an hour before going back to bed. When they came to bathe him he was confused about the day, saying that he had “just showered this morning.” But thourghout the day he had more periods of being lucid (though he doesn’t necessarily remember these.)and sounding quite like himself.

The surgeon made his rounds about 3pm and said that the tube running into dad’s nose and down his throat into his stomach could be removed, so that made him much happier. Tomorrow they’ll remove the catheter and he’ll get to put on his own pajamas. The docotr said they might start food in about two days, and the ideal, if he’s doing really great, day that he might be able to come home is Thursday!

Then around 6pm, before I left for awhile, he stood up and walked with a walker, into the hallway and back. So all and all a pretty impressive day.

My feeling is that by tomorrow, getting (not too long)phone calls might be good and might help pass the time. Be aware that because he is self medicating, that he’s not really getting long stretches of sleep, so don’t be offended if he sounds fine then fall asleep in the middle of a sentence (his or yours!)

Here is the number: 941-917-3745. He’s in room 745 Bed A, but it should connect you directly.

I know a few of you mentioned praying…while you’re at it, don’t forget Moira, who is well into her second week of “keeping her head down” and hoping to regain the most sight possible as her retina heals. I know it will be appreciated!

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