Getting Better…

Another day at the hospital…The biggest news is probably that Dad’s pathology report came back and was very favorable (for being cancer of course.)The tumor was stage one, which means it had not broken through the intestinal wall, nor was there any lymph involvement. It is very unlikely that any oncologist will advise further treatment after the surgery.

As to more mundane stuff, they removed the catheter in the morning, and Dad took two walks with a walker today. He’s still in a fair amount of pain, and they haven’t offered him any food yet…though he did get to have an orange Popsicle today. This in someways is the hard stretch, because you’re in pain, and kind of bored, but in too much pain and a little too drugged to really be entertained, so time goes kind of slow. Feel free to call his room anytime. Mornings and evenings are especially good as he is less likely to have visitors and more likely to be feeling lonely. Some of my parents’ Sarasota neighbors came this afternoon which was nice.

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