End of Term

I should have interesting things to say, but instead I mostly have a litany of tasks accomplished or to be accomplished!

Accomplished: Two eight-page essays and and a 15 page paper, some progress on two short stories that I fear has made them worse not better, and 16 student papers graded. To be accomplished: 11 more student papers, end of term grade calculations and submissions, and finishing the two stories. The final deadline is Wednesday at noon, but i would like to get done even sooner to leave time to do dishes, get a hair cut, a massage, take the month-old nail polish off my toenails, file some stuff, pay some overdue bills, have some doctor’s check-ups…That kind of stuff.

That’s all pretty boring…here’s something interesting, but is probably sharing a little too much…but hey it’s on my mind lately. So my Dad had to go back to the hospital for a day or two, because of his pain killers etc, his intestines have been slow to get working again and …long story short…he wasn’t pooping and it was kind of freaking him out. Here’s the thing, since I heard that, or maybe a little before and then I noticed it…I haven’t been pooping either! I mean, I have, but like little baby poos. And that freaks me out. I guess maybe the whole family is just instinctively anal retentive, because my sister also has this problem from time to time, AND her kids both seem go through phases where they don’t want to. Pretty bizarre.

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