Small Good Things

(This title alludes to a Raymond Carver short story called “A Small Good Thing.” Now that I’m an English major, I do stuff like that. The actual text in this post in no way parallels the story though, so you don’t need to feel like you’re missing anything deep if you haven’t read it.)

Anyway, a couple cool things have happened this week so far:

After almost a year, my schedule finally allowed me to take a yoga class at the school gym, and it was sooo good to get back. Even though I practice on my own, it’s not the same. The class itself is probably average, but that’s good for me as I am out of practice and have a diminished attention span…the teacher is a student who is nice and peppy, and has some knowledge, but still has remnants of that teenage sing-song, so her instruction has an interesting quality, “Okay you guys! We’re going to do the half-moon pose now, okay?!”

I just found out that I got into a TV comedy writing class in the film department this summer. I haven’t mentioned it yet, because it was touch and go and I didn’t want to jinx it. David Simon, who was one of the writers for Mad About You (which I really liked), and a co-creator for the Wayan’s Brothers (which I never saw but will be ordering from Netflix), is teaching the class. Should be an intense five weeks, and I’m pretty excited and a little nervous.

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  1. hey Barry, I left a post last night but it seems to have gone astray. I really don’t know what I am doing but have created a blog and am experimenting with it. I was talking to Beck the other day, the one Maurice wanted us to take under our wing. After years in working as a cleaner she has a job using her art skills which is great.Bye for now. love to both of you Margaret

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