Summer Nights

I’m very much enjoying the summer here in Tallahassee. With many of the students gone, the pace is slower, businesses less crowded, parking more plentiful! My schedule is also a less demanding for a while, so I can go out a little more often, see friends, etc. Last night after class I went to Open Mike Night at a bar called The Warehouse, as a friend was playing. Tonight I went with some other friends, Mark and Becky, to Atlantis for salsa night. They are just starting, so I am taking the beginners class as a lead to keep them company, but I also stayed for the social dancing afterwards, and though I’m pretty rusty, managed to have some fun dances. Again, maybe because it’s summer, the floor wasn’t too crowded, and many of the people there seemed to be pretty accomplished dancers.

Sunday night, Paul and I hosted a casual dinner for a few people, including David Vann, who will be new on faculty starting this fall, and will be teaching a non-fiction workshop I plan to take. He’s written an exciting memoir called A Mile Down, about some ill-fated endeavors at seas, that has been very well received. He was very nice, and even seemed to enjoy various board games, which can’t be said of everybody. I’m looking forward to learning from him.

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  1. Hi Barry,Thanks for your encouragement. Guess who taught me about uploading and down loading. Yes you. You gave me heaps of confidence. It was a flook the first posting as I just spent a bit longer sorting it out. I can’t work out how big the page is so just guess the image size. You are so busy and your thoughts and actions are all word related currently. Love to both of you. thanks again Margaret

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