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Very proud of myself. I have successfully edited the links on the sidebar. All friends of mine who are clever and creative. Except for Avant Game. I just wish she was my friend, but I’ve never met her. Is there some kind of protocol where I should write and ask permission before adding that link?

Healthy(er) Baking Tip
Tonight I made some cookie dough from a mix. A fan of the baking mix for many years, I have cut back significantly since embracing different diet practices in the wake of my illness. But occasionally I veer from the path, and when I do, I grab the Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookie mix. This is the only mix on the entire shelf that does not contain partially hydrogenated oils. I’ve read a lot of labels and have not seen another product without them. Even the other Ghiradelli products, like their brownies, contain partially hydrogenated oils.

Trivia: The history behind baking mixes is that when cake mixes originally debuted after WWII, all you had to add was water. They either sold or tested badly–I can’t remember which–because the ladies of the house didn’t feel they were “doing” enough. So the manufacturers pulled the powdered egg from the mix, and required the homemaker to add a real egg. This was apparently enough to assuage her guilt, and today’s pre-made mixes do a rollicking business, if the full aisle of products is any indicator.

Edit 11/10: I have recently seen Krusteaz cookie mixes that also are partially-hydrogenated-oil-free!

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