LITW: Thumbs Up

M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady In the Water seems to be one of those films that provokes people to attack or defend it from its attackers. Paul and I and a friend of his from the film school saw it over the weekend, and uniformly landed in the ‘we like it’ camp. I walked away feeling more satisfied than after The Village or Signs. I’ll be interested to see what shape the viewership graph will take. The bad reviews might hurt it–but how will the word of mouth affect things, and will the controversy send people to see it just so they can weigh in? In the end will it be popular, or perhaps like Unbreakable be generally regarded as weak, except by a core contingent who like it the best of his films? Paul recently had to turn in a top ten list for an upcoming class, and Unbreakable was on it.

Back to LITW though. What about that animated sequence at the beginning? Was it always there, or did it get tacked on later in the process in order to make the film more accessible, because they couldn’t fit enough exposition into the film proper?

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