Red Bear

I think I have a new blog crush. When you log in at Blogspot, in addition to the tools for creating or editing your posts, etc, there is a little sidebar of links called “Blogs of Note,” that changes every week. It’s kind of an impulse aisle where you can click on random blogs with interesting names–or, if your are procrastinatinge because you have sixteen hours worth of Old English Translations to plow through, you might just click on them all. If there’s one that’s pretty interesting, you might click on that person’s links, and this is how I found Scarlet Panda. The things she (I’ve decided she’s female) posts to be funny, I think are funny. The things she notices about the world, I find interesting. And that one particular post about baggage claim? I swear said almost the exact same thing, out loud, last time I was at the Indianapolis Airport. Because her profile states she’s in the midwest. I like to think she was at that airport and overheard, but that’s unlikely.

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