Last night at 12:30, Paul started to take one of his “power naps” on the couch, making me promise to wake him up at 1AM to start working on his Coca Cola project that is due on Monday. I said, “Why don’t we both just go to sleep and make a pact to get up at seven instead of staying up most of the night?” He was reluctant, but eventually succumbed, although we changed our target time to eight. I, of course, stayed up for another hour and then rebelliously slept past the alarm…it is Saturday after all!

But now, this is it. Really. I’m going to blow through this chapter of Old English, and then we’re going to clean the house, and I’m going to go buy toilet paper and food and throw away trash in one of the cars, all of this because A) We’ve let things disintegrate for a while and now they’re scary and B) because Paul’s friend Eric is coming to stay with us for a month and help with production for Paul’s last student film. This film is very important to him, because he feels it will be a large factor in determining whether he is awarded a thesis project as a director.

In other news, I have decided to become an average student. That is, I have realized that last year, I concentrated on my academic subjects more than my writing workshops. This is easy to do, because academics tend to have tangible increments, and progressive deadlines, whereas with writing…well you never know what’s going to come out, whether it will take three drafts to shape it, or twenty! And even with experience to the contrary, you can always hope that you’ll sit down the night before and just happen to be brilliant. It doesn’t happen. So this year, I’ve decided, if I’m here to write, I’m going to write, and if I have to limit something, it should be the dead language, that interesting as it is, I will never REALLY need in life again. There’s no country in the world where the plane lands and when you get off all the announcements from the loudspeakers are in Old English, and everyone is sitting in the waiting areas reading Beowulf.

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