I didn’t suck

At least I don’t think so…It’s very hard to tell these things on a set. People can’t tell an actor that a scene was bad, because the actor might freak out and make the next scene even worse. So I will say this…I am fairly certain that I wasn’t stellar, but I am also hopeful that I didn’t suck.

I found out an interesting detail about the film the night before we shot, which was that for my entire first scene, I would be wearing clown makeup. The story is about a guy who is a clown. His ex-wife is getting remarried, and he’s having trouble reconciling this. There is a dream sequence where he bursts into the church and interrupts her wedding. Everyone turns to look at him and they are all clowns. Including the bride, which for some reason hadn’t occured to me.

So someone took pictures and promised to send them, and I will definitely post them here.

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