My parents are coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Since we have a little kitchen I want to pre-cook some dinner items for the next few days. Right now I am simultaneously cooking, each at different stages– Thai-pumpkin soup with coconut milk, Pasta Fazool, and Cranberry Sauce made with Rosemary, Ruby Port and Figs.

Paul, who is not a fan of wine or rosemary, says it smells like ass. I say, thanks for the love and support, hon. Although I must admit, that Italian, Thai, and Thanksgiving smells together are an interesting blend.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving B!! We had an Aussie/Canadian/Yank dinner last Sunday. Fiona said to tell you hello….I also saw Mandy the other day (Leaping Lizards has sold), she says hello too. Congratulations to Paul on the film competition!

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