Extra Time and Your…

Something to lighten the mood. As promised, the final project from my Jazz class.
As background I will mention that I started dancing at a young age, and although I have always loved it, one general weakness in my life has also affected my dancing. One of my first recitals happened when I was about six. I think this is right because one of my costumes was white with and blue sequins and I think our hats said ’76. That costume went with the music “Give My Regards to Broadway,” and the dance involve lots of kicks and walks while having our arms linked over each other’s shoulders. Another peice must have been ballet because I remember the classic pink tutu. But the piece that forshadowed the life-long burden I still bear was the Finale. It involved the little girls and the the “big” girls–who were probably twelve or thirteen, but seemed full adults to me. There was some acrobatics involved, and at one point I had to run and climb on one of the larger girl’s shoulders. This in itself was not the problem so much as the fact that in costume, all the big girls looked the same to me. And I think she was not located immediately behind or to either side of me, but kind of back and at a diagonal. I was never sure where I was going, I just remember kind of generally running on cue, and hoping an arm would reach out and grab me…Utter lack of spatial ability.

Thirty years later, I’m still trying in this class, but six times out of ten, if we cross the floor on a diagonal or have any kind of rotational steps, I will end up facing the back wall. Thus you will notice, that the majority of our choreography for this final project takes place on a grid.

If I never get this to play, here’s the link:

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