Can you feel your luck turning?

Maybe not. Maybe that’s why so many gamblers in Vegas lose instead of winning: they don’t know when to stop.
Another view is that that people lose–and by people I mean professional gamblers who really understand how to play with the odds structure that exists–when they don’t have enough resources to last them through the losing games to get to the winning ones.

Because he was trying to do the right thing, Paul took another composer off his Coke project and put my brother on it. Because they aren’t communicating very well, he bought a $700 ticket to LA this weekend. Because the plane took off late, he missed his first connection in Houston. Because of weather conditions, he missed all the other connections as well and they told him they couldn’t book him on a flight until Sunday. He’s scheduled to leave LA first thing on Monday morning, leaving little time to work on music for the film–the thing he cares most about at the moment, since the demise of the thesis film.

Is this how it is? One thing happens, and then another, and then you’re sitting in a homeless shelter explaining how everything was almost different.

I hope not

…he just got on standby for a flight tomorrow. Cross your fingers please!

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