Help a Filmmaker’s Dream Come True!

As some of you know Paul was recently named one of ten finalists for the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Awards. Yesterday the ten finalist’s films were posted on-line at Check out his 50 second piece, entitled, “The Working Girl.”

Paul’s dream (which he keeps telling me about) is to fly to California and take his mother, who knows nothing about the contest, to the movies, so that he can watch the expression on her face when she sees her son on the big-screen, introducing his work with the line, “My name is Paul Seetachitt, and I’m this year’s refreshing filmmaker.”

This year’s contest has an online voting component that will help determine the winner. Please consider taking a few moments to add your vote. It’s easy to vote from the website using the supplied point system—I would never try to sway anyone’s artistic opinion, but I will just reiterate, that Paul’s entry is entitled, “The Working Girl.”

Lots and lots. We really appreciate your time and support. (Especially me, because it’s so depressing to see Paul cry.)

2 thoughts on “Help a Filmmaker’s Dream Come True!

  1. ‘The Working Girl’ was clearly the outstanding entry for me, and I’m not just saying that. I watched all of them from beginning to end, and then watched them again to be sure. It’s not only the most entertaining and involving, it’s the one that captures the spirit of the contest better than any of the others. I seriously would pick Paul on the basis of these movies if I wanted someone to be able to make a film that is both creative and to the letter of the brief… excellent, excellent work.

  2. P.S. I gave second highest marks to ‘The Reception’ — yes I’m a sucker for dancing, but so are most people, and it was well done.

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