On My List of Things To Do: Memes n Ghosts

I have now been tagged twice for a meme that asks me to post 5 things that people probably don’t know about me. Once by my friend Sandra and the other by my friend Matt, who has the Zotblog…but who also has this blog where he actually posted his five things. One is that when he was twelve years old, he went trekking in Nepal. My five things will not be so exciting.

1) Most people who have met me after the age of ten don’t know that my childhood career goal was to be a librarian.
2) Most people I have met since leaving Los Angeles don’t know that I still own a second floor condominium apartment there.
3) No one that I haven’t talked to today knows that yesterday, the tenant flushed the toilet, and it flooded the bathroom. The water apparently flowed into the walls and ceiling of the unit below, dripping onto the floor and through to the underground parking structure. The moisture allegedly cause a chunk of plaster from the ceiling to fall onto a parked car…Conversely everyone that I did happen to talk to today knows a little more about it than they probably want to.
4) Few people know that I, along with Katie, Susie, Mya, and Sandra have agreed to try to do a themed post each week. For instance, this week it was Katie’s turn. She nominated the topic of “ghosts,” and now each of us has to write a post that includes the subject of ghosts. As a corollary to this, it’s possible that only a few people have guessed that I just used this factoid that referring to ghosts as this week’s post. Pretty lame, huh?
5) A few people know that I still sleep with a stuffed velvet bunny that has a seam down its belly. Other people know that because I had a cancer removed a few years ago, I also have a large seam down the middle of my belly. I bet no one has considered that when I lay the bunny on top of my stomach, our seams line up.

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