More Things A Fear

More Things I Fear

1) I fear sleep deprivation, but I also fear underachieving in my obligations…I experience both, and usually compromise by staying up long enough to get just enough work done, and just enough sleep so that I can survive for a week before having a huge crash-out every ten days or so.

2) I fear being late…which is not unrealistic, but is often counter-balanced by my fear of “missing something,” or being rude in the midst of whatever obligation is previous to the punctual transgression. It’s pretty much a rock and a hard place scenario.

3) I fear that I will never be a “real” writer. Valid, but not yet severe enough to make me overcome my sense that I need to do a lot of things first before writing and submitting work each day.

4) I fear I will get cancer again. Also very valid, but becoming temporally far away in a way that might be a little dangerous…possibly a more detailed post on this later.

5) I fear getting fat. Great enough to spur the purchase (and use) of elliptical, but not great enough to resist the temptation of cheese fries at Miller’s.

6) I fear getting old…it’s happening anyway…someday the fear might get so acute it provokes a face lift.

7) I fear being poor. Valid. And getting closer. I don’t want to talk about it.

8) I fear feeling guilty about how we’ve spent our money to get poor. I don’t want to talk about that either.

9) I fear feeling guilty about anything. My actions are often dictated by the amount of guilt I fear might be involved.

10) I fear pain. I avoid it when possible, unless a greater fear trumps it.

11) I’ve never had a great fear of snakes, even when we lived in Australia, land of many poisonous snakes, but then my friend was bitten recently, and she said it DID hurt quite a lot, that it felt like being stapled. So now I’m a little afraid of snakes.

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