point of no return

So I am behind on my posting of weekly topics for my synchronized swimming…oops I mean bloggging circle. New topics often occur on Wednesdays, so as of tomorrow I will be down by three: Therapy, Feet, and whatever comes next. It’s a quarter to one in the morning, and I gotta say, I’m feeling good…I could write them right now. But then it would be two, and then it will be eight in the morning and time to drive to work and eight-in-the-morning B will be pissed at one-in-the-morning B who made the decision to leave her holding the bag. So instead I will post only this, a commitment to run and catch up with the train tomorrow, before it passes the point of no return. Also, I will more formally introduce the newest member of our synchronized blogging team, whose name I won’t even reveal yet as I haven’t written down his link information so there is really little point. But tomorrow–there’s a lady worth saving a dance for! I’ll see ya then.

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