This Week’s Topic: Sex

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1) My first notion of intercourse: In the first grade I lived in an old colonial house, with rather old fixtures, some of which were wooden door stops attached to the walls behind the doors. My best friend at the time was more worldly than I, and she explained to me that having sex meant that the man put his thing in between the legs of the woman. To demonstrate, she laid down next to the wall, doorstop between her thighs. She asked me if I wanted to try, but I was reluctant–the idea made be feel a little weird, and the whole thing seemed a bit unlikely to me. It turns out, however, that generally (allowing for a few missed details) she was right.

(The picture does not look exactly like our door stops, but I think gives a general idea.)

This was the same friend who explained to me (she said her mom had told her) that she would have medium-large breasts when she got older, because her mom had large breasts. I would be flat-chested, because my mom had quite small breasts.

She was right about that, too.

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