Oh so Mattel!

So there used to be this website that had a kind of virtual Magic 8 Ball on it. You typed in your question, hit enter, and inside the 8-Ball graphic would come the answer: “Outlook is good,” “Not likely,” etc. Today I stopped by the site, and found this.

I used to work for Mattel and am aware they really hate it when you use their shit. I sometimes wish they could be a little nicer…Like couldn’t these guys just add a statement like “This idea is based on really great toy, made by Mattel, who has generously allowed us to do this!” But that’s just me, and my idealistic vision of the world. This thing is, it’s a cute idea, but unless Mattel steals or buys the idea, which they probably won’t because they’re pissed at these guys, it just won’t happen anywhere. It is the same mentality that causes politicians to shoot down decent ideas presented by opposing political parties. In the end, it’s the Mr or Ms General Public who loses.

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