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Just to let you know I’m still out here–
The semester is slowing, coming to a close. I turned in a writing portfolio for a fiction class on Friday, and took the language proficiency test yesterday, in Spanish. I pretty much just winged it–and think it went okay, we’ll see. Took the rest of the day off, saw a movie, did some reading…the movie was Hot Fuzz, a parody buddy cop action flick by the team who made Shawn of the Dead. The book was Girl Talk, which is a novel by our teacher this semester, Julianna Baggott.

It’s back on the horse today, to plow through a fairly long and tedious portfolio list for, of course, the evil grantwriting class! I have until Thursday, so am attempting to also to start digging out at the same time. Friday I wore old underwear inside out, yesterday I found some red mesh number in the back of a drawer, today I’m wearing a pair I hand washed on Friday, so I’m thinking laundry might be in order.The weather here is fantabulous. I’m an ingrate if I don’t go out into it and start working off my winter weight as well.

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