Five down, One hundred fifteen to go.

Today I began my screenplay. A first draft is due on June 8th and should be around one hundred and twenty pages…give or take. I don’t really know how long this will take, but our teacher says that many people say to estimate about an hour a page. Some days will be faster, others slower. There are 37 days untill June 8. I should probably try to get done in 35 so I can spend a couple of days checking the spelling and things like that. So…35 goes into 120…okay, that’s too hard, and I might have to skip a few days to go see my parents or something, so lets say…30 days. 30 into 120 is 4. I need to write four hours a day, averaging a page an hour.

Today I sat at the computer for closer to five hours. But the first two contained a fair amount of surfing for highschool trivia and downloading and reading the script to Mean Girls. But I did get four pages, actually to the top of five. Yeah me! Now I just need to do that 29 more times!

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