Weekend report

Pretty damn calm. Played Catan with English dept friends on Friday night. fun. Hung out with Film dept peeps on Saturday night. Also really nice. Days mostly devoted to writing…my screenplay is pretty bogged in the second act, but I am doing pretty well at plowing through four pages daily even if it takes five hours and is kind of shit…i’m still in that “I can fix it later” stage, where I figure it’s more important just to make it through an entire draft.

Also branched out a little…saw my first movie at the All Saints Cinema at the railroad station…the documentary “Maxed Out,” about our debtor economy, from the poor to the middle class to the government. Interesting information, but not a great film, sadly. Kind of choppy and clunky, and seemed a little unsure of what it wanted to say, beyond, “look at these many examples of people in debt and people talking about debt.” The “voice” of the piece felt kind of amateurish, but was still probably worth seeing.

Then tonight, “Second Sunday Salon” met some arty types and played writinng games. Good fun.

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