Me and my self loathing

I have not written any of my screenplay since Monday, and Monday’s work was pretty lame…Today I had screenwriting class and it was inspirational, I fel like I coudl forge ahead. Then I met with my ficiton teacher from last term who gave me some revision advice for a piece that I also felt very enthusiastic about.

But somehow, despite all this inspriation and enthusiasm , when I got home, I needed to take a nap. And then I let Paul talk me into dinner out, and then I needed to answer emails, return phone calls.

Now I’m at the coffee shop, having a cuppa with my self loathing and preparing to write. Just thought I’d give you the update..that’s not procrastinating, is it?

One thought on “Me and my self loathing

  1. I think I met with Julianna right before you did. And at the time I too felt inspired and up for the task of writing. You’re a few steps ahead of me though. I’m preparing to prepare for writing.

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