Great Idea

I have a friend who has recently acquired a number of freelance writing gigs for Outside Magazine. Talking to some friends the other day I noted that I, too, would like to have a freelance career, however with my pale skin and lack of athletic abilities, I am ill-equipped to pitch stories where I climb tall mountains or sail around the world. Thus my great idea:

Inside Magazine: For People Who Don’t Really Like To Go Outside.

I can see many possibilities for articles: The Best Software Programs for Cataloging Your DVD’s; The Delivery Dining Guide; Schedule Your Summer TV Viewing With This Handy Fold Out Guide.

And then if we absolutely must discuss camping, there are two ways to go: Best Camping Equipment to Make it Feel Like You Are Actually Indoors, and Susie’s idea–How To Camp Indoors With a Bedsheet.

If you have ideas, send’em in!

6 thoughts on “Great Idea

  1. Every weekend for like a month, my brother and I would invite our cousin over, and we would camp out in the living room in our He-Man plastic tent.

  2. i see nerf basketball hoops, putting machines, darts, and slinkies on stairs… the INSIDE olympics! maybe the 50 yard dash on a treadmill.

  3. Inside Magazine is a good idea. There is one right now that’s popular, but yours would be better. The current popular one is called TV Guide.

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