Party All the Time

Had a BBQ last week end. Sent it out to the whole listserv at school. It’s the beginning of the term for the new incoming teaching assistants, so figured the new could meet the old. The party started at six. The rain started at 5:30.
Not a lot of new people, but other friends were very sweet, came, and alternately stood in the rain or sang karaoke til midnight…good times. Ended up with more food than we started with, so my neighbor Ginger suggested a leftovers dinner yesterday, which helped alot–I can now open the fridge door without fear–plus I got to get to know some of our neighbors better.

And during the daytime these days–reworking the script, which now feels liek the most boring tired piece of shit on earth…This, I am told, is part of the process, so I am plugging through, while periodically doping myself with episodes of Entourage.

Entourage is great, though not probably the best subject matter to be watching right now. It makes me a little angsty to watch the vicissitudes of the movie biz while writing something that could only be useful in the movie biz….

Oh well, I’ll have some more left over pasta salad and try not to think about it.

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