Rejected Author Sells Books!

My short stories have not taken the literary world by storm as of yet, but now that I’ve got going, my store seems to have some legs. I’ve sold three books–yay! Some, like the grant writing textbooks, will definitely make me pocket money. Others, like my Richard Russo paperback that just sold for 80 cents…I’m not so sure. takes 15%, so that’s about 70 cents. The real profit margin I think, is that it might only cost me a $2.50 to send it, but the shipping reimbursement is $3.50. So really, it all comes down to packaging. I was amazed yesterday at Office Depot to see that padded mailers, dependent on size, are slightly more or less than a buck a piece. I’m thinking Saran Wrap and plastic bags inside an unpadded envelope is appropriate for an 80 cent book…but what if my buyer thinks I’m tacky?

Oh the stresses of being an entrepeneur!

In any case, I’m my own book shelf space–that is, if I could quit filling it up by ordering more books from…

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