One More Decision to Make in the Future

Here‘s an interesting article from the L.A. Times about individual health care coverage after cancer.
For all of my three years working in Chicago, and three of my six years in L.A., I was a free-lance contractor. Among other things, this meant I was responsible for my own retirement plans and insurance. Then Paul and I got married and moved to Australia, I had his company insurance and have had student insurance since then. When, after this long hiatus, I return to L.A. in the spring, I will be four and a half years out from my cancer diagnoses, and, as discussed in the article, insurance will be a real consideration…best bets if I decide insurance is a priority: corporate jobs, government jobs, or my new front-running idea…more school!

Here’s a true confession though–any insurance company will catch a break with me in any case, because if I were diagnosed again, I’m pretty sure they won’t pay for the alternative health clinic in Mexico where I plan to go.

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