Miami Mangrove

Well, in the end, we didn’t make it to too many places in Miami. As we started to embark into the world, Paul got an emergency text, so we drove straight to Cineworks, where they didn’t actually need him, but told him they might, so he decided to hang out until his appointment, but then, for various reasons, that was pushed back by three hours. Total time hanging out at Cineworks, 8 hours. Total time driving 16 hours, total time walking around Miami, maybe an hour. I finally left and drove to a nearby park, which features Manatees and Mangrove trees. I did not see any of the former, but plenty of the latter.

One thought on “Miami Mangrove

  1. Did you drive to Miami? If so, be sure to stop by Homosassa Springs on your way back to Tallahassee! That is the best place for seeing manatees.

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