I opened my my google account this morning and found this new “upgrade,” which sent me into a flurry of righteous indignation…I wrote a post, then started to rant to Paul, who pointed out, correctly, that this was April Fools Day. In the spirit of honesty–I’m leaving my post here…fool on me! I’m very happy it isn’t true…

“Need to lie to your co-workers or loved ones to get out of hot water? We can help!” “Time Machine” makes it sound like they are changing reality, but they aren’t, they are simply making it possible to lie about it (but only 10 times a year…which is weird all by itself). And if you are in a position where you would go to the trouble to predate your email, it is more than likely you are going to have to back up your dishonesty verbally. “No, I sent it! About…six hours ago! Check your inbox!”

Gone is my faith in the paper trail when working on a project. I must now suspect my co-workers or vendors of subterfuge–believe me, I’ve worked for bosses who would pressure me into pre-dating a project proposal or overdue budget. Emails used as evidence in legal proceedings must now be called into question. Says the murder suspect: “Me, a motive? Sure we had a fight, but I got over it. I sent her a message telling her no hard feelings two days before she was killed…did you check her inbox?”

One thought on “I GOT FOOLED

  1. ah yes, the old google april fool’s joke. i was snowed until i read that the technology to back date email is powered by a ‘flux-capacitor,’ and when they referenced me to the ‘grand father clause.’ tricky google.this would be a useful tool though totally unethical.

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