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Each year in the wake of international disasters, well meaning people gather items like cans and clothes to send to the disaster site. Hundreds of cans collected for people who might not have can openers. Clothes are donated that might or might not be appropriate for the culture or the weather. Inappropriate donations end up competing for transport and storage with supplies that really are needed. And people donate to organizations that might not have the necessary direct relationship with a local agency capable of distribution. Thus the Center for International Disaster Information encourages the public to research before giving, and to understand that, in general “Cash is Best.” It runs an annual contest, inviting students to submit a 30-second a public service announcement to effectively convey their message.

If you have a minute to do the log in (sorry!)we’d love to have your ratings and comments! And save that log-in info, because I bet you’ll need it to vote for us if we make it to the semifinals! Unlike the Coke vote, this one will have a pretty big impact–20% of the final score, so I’ll keep you updated.

Oh–and by “we” I mean Paul, who came up with the concept and spent a long night shooting and editing it. But I wrote most of the dialogue, and if he wins, I’m in for 5%! Also, for novelty, listen for my voice-over talents among the crowd!

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