So far the “Empty” video has garnered 90 votes and about 800 hits. This is worrisome, as the competition looks like they have roughly twice the number of hits that we do…close to 2000 now. Part of this is that they had a larger team of people working on their shoot who are not related to each other, so they have more diverse networks than we do.

Part of it may simply be an age difference…only a few years divides us from a generation who REALLY use texting, and facebook and instant messaging etc. Not only are we down by a third on that count, but I talked to someone today who voted but never got a confirmation email. After talking to her, I realized she had never encountered the “prove I’m a person” security code before and hadn’t known to fill in the box, so her vote had not been entered. I fear a number of our older friends and family may fall into this category.

So…normally I would not beg, but for 12 THOUSAND dollars (minus 10% for the composer, and gratuities for the crew etc) I think I can make an exception.

If you read this blog and you have a blog…PLEASE consider posting a link to http://www.PSAid.org with a recommendation to vote for “Empty.”

If you teach a class (especially in a computer classroom!) PLEASE consider a short mini-lesson on international disaster relief, and ask your students to vote!

If you have a softball team, a bookclub, a friend or family member…you get the picture.

We really appreciate it!

Katie, who posted a link on her facebook. and
Mya, who emailed 70 friends.

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