My Heroes!

We’re up to 245 votes…with special thanks to folks who have told their classes about the contest and to fellow bloggers Kelly, Katie and Mya who have spread the word via their excellent blogs.

Four more days to go!

And in other news…I have to turn in an example of “analytical, expository writing” for a TA job at USC, and have come to the horrifying conclusion that the few papers I wrote in that style (and it was very few) are not very good. So once again, I am abandoning my thesis to pursue something completely unrelated–in this case trying to drum up a “real” thesis statement about Lady Audley and her secret!

And, I don’t know folks…it’s seeming like, in my old age, I might finally be going to film school!

One thought on “My Heroes!

  1. Hey! You’re a finalist! It’s working. I emailed some more people about it, and I think I got 5 more votes so far…(maybe more later!)Good luck, again!And film school sounds awesome.

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