Last Chance to Dance

Voting ends at midnight this evening. This to be followed shortly when time allows with some contemplation on the act of ‘selling’ as it has evolved with the internet, and my ambivalent feelings about certain aspects of it.

But for now…gargantuan thanks to V, Mya and Kelly…who posted not just the first, but second eloquently worded please on our behalf.

We are currently 100 view behind the third most viewed spot…Paul’s mathematical model (of course he made one) tells us that we need to be third in the public voting to be considered for first in the overall…so if you are reading this, and you have not voted…NOW is the time! (All your email addresses baby!)
(And if you voted and have not yet confirmed from your email–you need to for it to count!)
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“Empty” by Paul Seetachitt is My Favorite!

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