The Final Countdown

One week from today, I shall turn in my thesis.

I’m still working away, but am sorry to say I am losing steam. It’s the same as the feeling I get when I go jogging (not that often anymore) and decide to sprint a section. I set a “finish line” like a tree or a light post or something and set off at a fair clip. As I come into sight of the finish line however, I drop my pace as I approach. I accomplish the endurance aspect but then sacrifice speed, figuring it doesn’t really matter. Thus with my thesis. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted of it…probably from the overlong hours earlier on. For weeks I was so obsessed I could barely hold a coherent conversation, I waited for stop signs to turn green. Now I am too drained to obsess. This is the moment for a final sprint, but I fear all I have left is the will to slog it out.

It’s possible this is a better strategy, as I sometimes have a tendency to try to accomplish big things in a little amount of time, and that can backfire. Maybe a week out is the right time to transitions one’s thinking from “good” to “good enough.”

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