I turned in the thesis last Thursday and have my defense this coming Thursday…we’ll see how it goes!

Am feeling weirdly emotional and transitional in the wake of it. I wake up in the morning and go to my computer, then think–I don’t have to spend all day here…and then I don’t! Friday I prepped to have some people over, and Saturday my parents stopped by for the night on their way back to Indiana. Yesterday I saw Young@Heart at the theatre and cried almost all the way through.

I’m not quite ready to jump onto the next project yet–I want to work out, but feel a bit lazy. I want to have already worked out so I could feel even better about sitting around watching movies and television. Last night I watched the last half of The French Lieutenant’s Woman–kind of blah, period piece meets 1981–when it was nominated for 5 Oscars, so I was hoping to be more compelled. This morning I watched The Invisible–not as clever as it could have been by a long shot, but managed to evoke a mood, and then I moved straight into Twilight of the Golds, which i had never heard of but found quite interesting, so that was a nice surprise. I’m resting, but underneath things are churning.

Soon I must dive back in to real life though. I need to return piles of library books–but maybe should I wait til after the defense in case I need to do more revision? I need to clean and prep for leaving our house sit tomorrow, start thinking about all the paperwork I’ve been ignoring for the last month. Last night I made an Excel spreadsheet of all the GPS navigational devices advertised in the Sunday paper. Coming from an unfamiliar part of town yesterday I called Paul four times on my way to the theatre to check my directions…with gas prices going up and supplies going down, I don’t think I can afford the lengthy detours when I get back to Lost Angeles.

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