OLD SCHOOL Super-8 package $100

Sadly the camera isn’t currently working. One of the battery connectors inside the handle of the camera is crusty with corrosion, and someone will need to unscrew the handle and scrape like the dickens.

but if you are handy and not entirely risk averse, or just think these items look cool on a shelf–which they do!–then you could score the whole camera package:

Canon Super-8 Camera (with additional telephoto lense)
Argus Dual-8 Editor-Viewer (turns on when plugged in)
Bell & Howell Projector (also turns on)

all for one crisp hundred dollar bill–or five crumpled twenties.
This is a little less but comparable to eBay pricing…but you don’t have to double your cost in shipping.

Make scratch animation, have home-movie nights, or shoot that “Natural Born Killers”-looking sequence for your next picture.

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