How I Am

Mostly frustrated–though perhaps prematurely since we have been in LA for less than a week and things are generally going okay.

Our boxes are piled in part of Paul’s parents’ garage and part of their house. Paul and I have rented one car which makes sense since we spend all day together apartment shopping–but the closeness begins to wear thin. I look at the state of our room–the one place we are responsible for in the house, and see my future–and as always when confronted by our opposing views of what is tolerable–want to cry.

Maybe I just want to cry anyway and don’t realize it. Got a hint that that might be the case the other day. I opened my car door just as someone pulled into the spot next to us in a parking lot. Our rental is a two-door Chevy Cobalt…and the doors open preternaturally wide, which i didn’t realize–so I nicked the paint on this womans car–a new shiny hybrid SUV thing. I felt awful and apologized and even offered her money–but she was basically just pissed–and rightfully so–but still pretty mean. She didn’t want the money, but she didn’t really take my apology either. she stalked off and I just felt like crap and started crying.

And I guess since I’m whining, I’ll also report that I was very excited about a certain apartment we were supposed to look at tomorrow–had really pinned some hopes on it I think. To the point where I got dressed this morning and “saved” a certain top to wear to the viewing–ridiculous–and then they called today and said it had already been rented to people who had filled out and application last week. Tomorrow was the first day the place could be viewed, so I guess they were friends of the current tenants–or they just really liked how the outside of the place looked enough to sign a year’s lease.

The car search continues–but on the bright side–having a mechanic for a brother-in-law totally rocks. He notices stuff I would never notice about the cars I’ve been looking at…The only problem is now I don’t want to do any car shopping without him!

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