Today marks the end of my first week at USC. So far, so good. The teachers seem both friendly and knowledgeable…except for one who seems very knowledgeable but not overly concerned with being friendly so much as incredibly honest—which I find a more than equitable trade.
She’s 84 years old, with an IMDB record a mile long. I believe some of my classmates are put off by her criticisms of both our work and demeanor. For example:
(pointing to Brian) “Ohh! What a LOVELY view I just had of Brian’s uvula! I’m interested—raise your hand if your parents never taught you to cover your mouth when you yawn!”

But having worked for some really cranky people in my life, I am less disturbed by such pronouncements, and find more than just compensation in declarations such as:

(pulling a tissue from her bag), “I drool. This is because I’m old. It’s a condition known as pytalia that occurs as you get older, which is why you so often see older people doing this.” (dabs the corners of her mouth)
(looking out to audience).
“I’m telling you this because when I was your age, nobody warned me what was coming!”

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