The Universal Decision Maker

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time to register for my spring classes. Fortunately not quite yet, because last night I finally managed to access my status, and discovered I have about a dozen holds on registration. First, even though I accepted my invitation for the Screenwriting Program, and not the Professional Writing Program, for some reason I am on record as being part of the Professional Writing Program, with all kinds of prerequisites I haven’t fulfilled for that program, probably because I’ve been working on a different degree.

I’ve also been informed that there is lack of proof that I have a bachelor’s degree. I recall calling to confirm that all my transcripts had arrived–they were required for the application to be considered, or so they said…so that should be some fun calls to make on Monday.

And I need to call the school’s clinic, as record of my Measles vaccine seems to have disappeared.

Once I have all this squared away, I need to make some decisions.

At this juncture I can veer toward feature films, or episodic entertainment: one hour dramas or sitcoms. I can sign up for the required production class, or I can acknowledge what I am beginning to feel in my heart: that I have logged my on-set hours in decades past, and maybe I should just follow my bliss and go all writing, understanding that I may not finish the program. I’m not a natural rebel, but I might finally be getting to an age where I do believe I know myself, the life I’ve lived and it’s possible I’m qualified to order off the menu, scholastically speaking.

Beyond such big life decisions, I have been plagued of late by even the small decisions: Be a P.A. on friends’ web-i-sode, or stay home and write? Go to musical evening, or go hiking? Go to yoga or not? With the demise of the Magic-8-Ball (not to mention the ambiguity of some of it’s answers) these choices have been difficult. But fortunately, I have now found a solution: The Universal Decision Maker.

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