One thing that makes my day a little brighter

I have “hidden” all my friends on facebook who use “Lil Greenpatch” as their automatic status updater.

This probably makes me a bad person.

But since I’ve confessed that, I’ll confess something else…those “friends” were the ones who, when I saw their friend requests, I thought either “ugh” or “why?”

So is the Lil Green Patch thing proof that I already had some intuition about how our FB friendship would progress, or is it just the reason I have come up with for the hiding people I really didn’t know or like to begin with?

Or do I just have a disaffinity for people who love the environment?

Or do they feel the same about me, and just needed a mass of people to spam with this very good cause, and I was one of them?

I really don’t hate the rainforest.

One thought on “One thing that makes my day a little brighter

  1. oh man, i “hid” lil greenpatch eons ago! there’s nothing wrong with hiding applications, or people, for that matter. it’s YOUR feed, you decide what you want to eat, bokay!

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