If anyone was waiting with bated breath after the end of my last post. I figured out yesterday that I wasn’t late at all. It’s just been such a crazy month that one week felt like two. So today was actually 28 days…and I was right on time.

Still planning to talk about movies and stuff, but for the moment am still feeling guilty when I’m writing and it’s not my rewrite for class. And my rewrite is not going that great.

Paul said something the other day, about the problem being that you can never know what your potential is…if you just knew that however hard you worked, you could only get to a certain level that was not awe-inspiring, you could just accept that and turn your attention to other things.

My friend S passed my resume along at her work, and I’m spending from Friday to Wednesday helping load in for the American Idol finale next week. Just PA work, and long hours…I haven’t done that for awhile. Think it will be interesting to see how I feel at the end of the five days. I think a lot lately about just working, and not feeling guilty and not good enough about my writing all the time. But wonder how long it will take doing long hard days before I again start to idealize the life of an artist…

3 thoughts on “Outcome

  1. Our thesis professor told us to write a few pages every day when we wake up…doesn’t have to be screenplay…so that’s what I’m doing with my blog and I don’t feel guilty at all 🙂

  2. I really hope it happens for you guys. I have a book called “Fertility Wisdom” that I bought when we were having trouble getting pregnant. It’s a Chinese medicine book that helps with fertility problems. It’s very drastic in terms of diet etc—but I will say that I got pregnant the month after I bought the book. So perhaps it actually worked? I can send it to you if you are interested. Just give me yr address. One disclaimer: I did get very frustrated with the book at some point (they say not to eat sugar and all of this other stuff) and remember throwing it across the living room!

  3. B – Grace says she would love to visit a “kid when I go next time to DisneyLand”. So, there, all the motivation you require! 🙂 Gen

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