Hello. I’ve Just Got to Let You Know.

Fell off the blogging wagon (actually the opposite of that) lately, so don’t think I mentioned this.

While placing flower/swag arrangements in celebrity trailers with another P.A. on American Idol, I realized how I might be getting too old for this when we had the following conversation.

ME: Okay, that’s Keith Urban’s done, who’s left?
OTHER P.A.(looking at paper with dressing room layout): Um, Lionel, I can’t tell which one is supposed to be hers.
ME: Whoa. Do you not know who Lionel Ritchie is?
OTHER P.A.: I think I’ve heard of her.
ME: Him. (singing) Cause I wonder where you are. And I wonder what you dooo. And I want to tell you so much… Anything?
OTHER P.A.: (shaking head, no recognition) Sorry.
ME: Nicole Ritchie’s dad.
OTHER P.A.: Oh! Yeah.

Oh, yeah.

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