Two Stupid Things I Want, and One I Don’t Care About

Some of you will remember my brief (okay, and admittedly ongoing, or it will be when it’s no longer ninety degrees out) love affair with the Slanket. A residual side effect of the Slanket affair is that I have been added to the Solutions catalog mailing list.

So every few months, I get the catalog and flip through it and see some stuff that I think I really need, until I throw out the magazine and forget all about it. The catalog showed up again this week, and my desire flared up anew for the following items:
These mop slippers. See, when you scuffle around on the hardwood floors (of which we have a lot) it’s like you are dusting them (which we do…never) with your feet.

This jar that counts your money. We have loose change on almost every surface in some rooms. I bet we are millionaires in change. But it would be nice to know for sure.

And here is something I don’t care about at all:
A “Butter Boy” that spreads butter on your corn-on-the cob. I just don’t care about that. I’m okay with using a knife, even if the butter drips a little. Or…you know what’s really good? Put the butter on soft bread, then use the bread to spread the butter. The butter gets really melty…yum.

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  1. So my blog totally ate your comment. I wonder if that has been happening to other people too. I thought at least one person would write "EPIC NERDDOM!" on that Harry Potter post.

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