Two Things That Kind of Weird Me Out

1) Most of the time I don’t think much about it, but then sometimes it just strikes me as crazy that I bleed on a monthly basis. The whole idea of “monthly” and cycles and ovulation etc makes a lot of sense on paper, but then, sometimes I just look down and think “fuck, I’m bleeding.”

2) It’s also weird how my body, when it’s cold, cannot gauge temperature with any accuracy at all. Like if my feet are very cold, then the water in the tub feels extremely hot, so then I turn on the cold water and put my foot under that and it still feels warm. And then my hands aren’t much better. If you are in a situation where you are very cold, I assume hot water is best to bring up your temperature, and that it won’t really burn your skin like it feels like it is because it’s not really that hot. But then, if you are cold enough, couldn’t someone trick you into getting into scalding water? You’d have to assume it wasn’t that hot, because you can’t trust your senses. I hope no one ever tries to kill me by tricking me into climbing into a vat of near-boiling water.

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