Changes…as Evidenced by Sidebar

For the past few years, my sidebar has been populated by people I actually knew in the real world. For a while had even a ‘blog circle” of sorts, which was fun. But, time has passed, for various reasons, professional and personal, these folks have either given up blogging or “privatized” their blogs. I still read them, but, sadly, you can’t.

So I thought I’d recommend a few folks I have on my RSS feed.

New on my sidebar you can find “Julia Sweeney,” “,” and ‘Everyday I Write the Book.” These are not friends of mine, in cyberspace or in real life. They are just folks who write about things that interest me in ways that interest me. If I could pick a commonality between them, a screenwriter in L.A., a mother of four in Utah, and an actor/writer/performer/mother/cancer experiencer now living in Chicago, it would be that they all have a kind of passionate and diligent interest in the world around them–the things they see, read, experience really engages them. They all do the life things they would be doing anyway, but they take the time to record it, to share their perspectives on it (and John August is also a great instructor and resource.)

I’ve also had to delete some links in the “Other Things by Me” section. This was a little sad, my little accomplishments faded into the past and disappeared. Our domain rights to Paul Eats has expired, and it seems time to face the fact that I will probably never go back to Australia and write the sequel restaurant guide, so I think we’re going to let it lapse and quit paying monthly server fees too. The economy you know. Enough time has now passed the the publisher no longer lists the book, so that too is gone. The documentation of the summer I spent doing dance with disABLED kids in the desert has also disappeared. What’s left is three links, and the two that actually link to my writing are things I wrote awhile ago before all this “writing school” business. I so hope that after the investment of years and dollars, that I write better than this now, though on my more insecure days I’m not at all sure this is the case.

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