More Angels

“ABC is close to giving a pilot order to a modern version of the classic 1970s TV actioner “Charlie’s Angels.”

When I read the opening line in this Variety article,my first instinct was to punch a wall. Like many others, I’m quickly feeling over-saturated by the seemingly constant stream of adaptations of properties that in many cases were pretty cheesy the first time around. The desire to make profits in the easiest way possible by capitalizing on “brand familiarity” of anything with legs long enough to hobble is just so nakedly transparent that it gives me the “icks.” At the same time, I get it, I totally sympathize with being risk averse when it comes to money. Still, I yearn for a little heroism sometimes.

But then, I continued to read
“Josh Friedman, who recently adapted the “Terminator” franchise for his Fox series “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” is onboard to write and exec produce the new “Angels.”
and I felt better. Because, although I wasn’t a loyal viewer, I thought the Sarah Connor Chronicles was interesting, and I felt bad for the creative team when it got canceled. So I think, maybe there could be something there. Strong female characters maybe? Who have complex lives and/or inner lives? It could be kind of dark and interesting, like the first season of Alias…or, the Sarah Connor chronicles. Who IS Charlie? And do they really know they’re working for the good guys?

Also in questionable-gender-politics entertainment news, Dollhouse has been cancelled. Sad, it was getting much better. But maybe some of the dolls can get jobs as angels.

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