I’m actually going to post a picture, soon as I fine the cord to download my camera’s contents.

Until then, a fun fact… I think that I get about 10 hits monthly from people who search for the title “Two Ways of Seeing a River” by Mark Twain which I once referenced it in a post title. The post itself quotes and has little other commentary, which is perhaps a disappointment to people who are trying, perhaps, to write essays? Is that’s what’s happening? It must be an oft assigned essay, or perhaps one of those national schemes where all the kids have to read a book or something.

I can’t really tell who looks at my blog, but I can often see locations, and if they arrived through a google search. This is how I know that a lot of people search for this phrase.

Today’s searcher was from Pennsylvania. Another day I had a hit from Hawaii searching the same topic.

So, that’s some random information.

Tonight I saw “Reverse” the Academy Award entry from Poland.

I finished a script and turned it in on Tuesday, and have been a little lazy since. I gave myself Wednesday off to transition, but I was supposed to start writing again today and it was a bit of a wash.

Instead, I slept in, finished “Chocolate” (the screenplay) on the elliptical at the gym. Went to look at these new studios that have moved in on the corner, had some Indian food for lunch…and also investigated how to become a notary since I need on again tomorrow. It costs more than I’d really want to pay for something I don’t think I’d do a lot.

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